How to Be a 5 Star Owner

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Having a high rating on Yourdrive, or any marketplace for that matter, will have a positive effect on your success on the platform. 

Consider this: when was the last time you visited a restaurant without checking reviews on a site like Zomato first? Or, would you ever book a hotel without consulting TripAdvisor to see how other people found it? The truth is, reviews from like-minded people play an important role in the decision-making process of prospective customers.

The same principles can be applied to Yourdrive. Reviews from past renters help a renter choose what vehicle to request for their trip. In addition to this, search results shown to renters are ordered by our algorithm which takes many factors, including rating, into account.

While there's no way to guarantee five star reviews, here are 5 of our top tips for providing a five star worthy experience. 

1. Create an attractive listing

First impressions are everything! Having a detailed, clear, and accurate listing page will make a great first impression and make your vehicle attractive to renters. Quality photos, a thorough and engaging description, and a full features list will set expectations and anticipate renter's questions. We recommend providing examples of use cases your vehicle would be perfect for so people know if it'll be right for their trip. 

2. Communicate efficiently and effectively

Keep your eye on your emails for booking request notifications or messages from interested renters. Accepting requests quickly will improve your acceptance rating and your response time score. Similarly, responding to questions quickly will increase your chance of being booked. 

To ensure Yourdrive emails arrive directly to your inbox, whitelist Yourdrive emails.

As soon as you accept a booking request and receive the booking confirmation email, reach out to the renter to make arrangements for pick up. It's not over after they pick up though, you should remain contactable during the rental to answer any questions or help with issues. While the Yourdrive Support team is always available to assist, when a renter has a vehicle-related question or issue, it’s best for the renter to contact you first.  

3. Provide a great quality product

When you hand the car over, it should be clean, inside and out, and have a full tank of fuel. Taking the vehicle through a car wash and doing a quick vacuum and wipe down of internal surfaces at home isn't too hard or time-consuming. Providing a vehicle in great condition sets a really clear standard for the condition of the returned car, as cars need to be returned in the same condition they were collected in and have the used fuel replaced.

Safety is our main priority. All vehicles on Yourdrive must have a valid COF, however, keeping on top of maintenance between inspections is important too. If you have any concerns about the functionality of your vehicle, let us know and we can make alternate arrangments for impacted renters. Don't forget that every vehicle is required to have all vehicle fluids (transmission, oil, coolant, brake and power steering, and wiper wash) at a satisfactory level to last the duration of the booking. Vehicles must also carry a spare tyre (roadworthy and inflated) plus jack and tyre replacement tools just in case they’re required.

4. Go above and beyond

People choose to rent a car from a real person, through Yourdrive, so they get a unique vehicle and a personalized experience not able to be rivaled by a traditional rental car agency. Show your renter some classic kiwi hospitality by being friendly, accommodating, and helpful.

You can do a raft of things to take the renter’s experience to the next level and make their time with your vehicle more memorable for when they’re writing their review after the rental. When you’re arranging pick up with the renter, ask them about their trip plans and provide them with recommendations for places to stay, things to do, and the best routes to take from your own experience.

To make the experience more convenient and comfortable for a renter, consider providing extra items that are relevant to their trip ie a cigarette lighter car charger, an aux cord, a phone mount, camping chairs, or picnic blanket.

5. Listen to feedback

We updated our review system in early 2018 to encourage more users to complete better reviews of their experiences. On completion of a trip, a renter will be asked to:

  1. Rate you on a scale of one to five - one being poor, five being excellent.
  2. Rate your vehicle on a scale of one to five - one being poor, five being excellent.
  3. Write a short review (max. 250 characters) about you and your vehicle. Things they should mention are communication, pick up and drop off experience, cleanliness of vehicle, and the accuracy of listing information.
  4. Send you a private message to say thanks or suggest how you could improve the experience for future renters (optional).

Pay attention to the ratings, reviews, and feedback you receive from renters and make improvements based on this! 

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Posted by Kezia Lynch on 1st of November, 2018