Get Your Car Summer Ready

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Winter has passed. We’re now firmly in spring territory building up to what we expect to be a busy and beautiful summer! Spring is nature’s way of waking everyone up after a long period of hibernation and getting them prepared for upcoming productivity. It’s a great time to check in on your goal progress, do a deep clean, and get your car ready for your own road trips and the peak rental season!


Update your calendar to control availability

Got family coming to visit and require your spare car to transport the whole clan? Or, heading away to the bach for some well-deserved rest and relaxation? Either way, if you or your car aren’t available, you need to set those dates as unavailable on your vehicle calendar. This will prevent people from submitting rental requests that don’t suit your schedule and enable you to keep a high acceptance rating.

Go to Availability & Pricing Calendar

Make sure everything is in working order

It’s important that your car is always safe for renters to use but, the change of season is a good time to check everything's working as it should. Get a full professional service done or perform a thorough inspection yourself making sure you:

  • Check that the tread and pressure of your tyres are correct. Don’t forget about the spare tyre!
  • Check there are no engine leaks. Change the oil and oil filter if this hasn’t been done in the last 12 months.
  • Check wiper fluid and coolant levels. Top up if required.
  • Consider replacing wiper blades if they've become worn out over winter.

Turn on smart pricing to maximise your earnings

The New Zealand car rental industry sees fluctuations in demand for vehicle hire and different types of vehicles during different times of the year and in different locations. In most places, summer is the peak season with demand being up to three times that of the winter months.

By turning on Smart Pricing, your vehicle’s price will adjust automatically based on demand in order to maximize both your bookings and earnings. You remain in control - the daily rate will always stay above your set minimum and below your set maximum and, you’re able to override the Smart Price for selected days or periods with your own manual pricing in your vehicle calendar.

Learn more about Smart Pricing

Spring clean!

Wash the exterior of your car before water conservation measures are introduced to prevent summer water shortages! Also, clear out any trash or unnecessary luggage and give the interior a good vacuum and wipe down.  

If you’re tight on time, consider getting a professional to assist. There are a number of mobile services who can come to your location and get your car looking great for a reasonable cost. We're regular users of Mobile Hand

Shoot some new photos

Better vehicle pics mean more clicks! High-quality photos attract the attention of renters and better show off your vehicle’s features. While the weather is nice, head to the park, lake, or seaside to take some fresh snaps of your car.

Check out our guide to taking photos of your car

Posted by Kezia Lynch on 16th of October, 2018